Venue hire

Temporary hire of spaces and places within the museums

The Service Centre "Sistema Museale di Ateneo" (SiMuA), on request, provides some of its internal and external spaces for various initiatives and events.

The granting of these spaces is governed by a price list approved at the meetings of the Board of Directors on October 18, 2017 and June 20, 2018.

The requests for authorization must be sent, according to the regulation, 30 days before the event or the start of installations. The "Sistema Museale di Ateneo" (SiMuA), in authorizing events, will give priority to initiatives of high scientific and cultural value and to subjects who promote arts and culture. The organization of initiatives with commercial and/or promotional purposes and, in any case, not scientific or cultural, must take place outside the opening hours to the public or at most without interfering with the usability of spaces and services for visitors. In particular, the modalities and times of access with means of transport must be agreed from time to time with the Direction.

The revenues deriving from the concession fees are used for the maintenance and development of exhibition itineraries, for the implementation of educational and cultural activities and for the enhancement of the historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage of the Botanical Garden. For costs, information and/or reservations call the numbers +39 091 23891244 or write to prenotazioni.simua@unipa.it


Internal spaces

The Botanical Garden has a room for conferences, congresses, meetings and concerts with many modern multimedia equipment. It has about 100 seats and inside is also available a grand piano (planimetry).

The Sala Tineo is located near the entrance; it is the most representative exhibition space of the Botanical Garden. Structured on two levels, it consists of a large hall of 135 square meters. The room has 44 large showcases of about 1.45 x 2 meters wide, vertically oriented and as many smaller horizontal (planimetry).


Sala Lanza (outdoor).

Sala Lanza (indoor).

Sala Lanza (indoor).

Sala Tineo (indoor).

Sala Tineo (indoor).

Sala Tineo (outdoor).

Outdoor areas

Some spaces (planimetry) of the Botanical Garden are available for events, banquets, parades or other special events. Among these, the Piazzale Ucria (Gymnasium) and the square in front of the Serra Carolina. Also available are the area around the Aquarium, the area of the great Ficus and the Piazzale delle Palme. The use of these spaces is regulated by the above price-list.


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